Locally made in Miami, our healthy dips are a tribute to the cultural influences that shape Miami. It is a link between theMediterranean roots of our hummus base, blended with American and Latin vibes. 🌴☀️🦩

What is the Hummus Therapy?

ther·a·py /ˈTHerəpē/ : noun - Therapy is the treatment of mental or physical illness without the use of drugs or operations.

At MIAMI TWIST, we strongly believe that being conscious of what we eat, and how it impacts our health and our environment can positively change the world we live in.

Cooking clean, natural ingredients is of paramount importance to us, and so are the people who make it. We spread love and genuine care for the products, in a warm and inclusive environment. Supporting diverse communities and including professionals with disabilities puts sincerity into our dips, and brings meaning to our lives, and therefore, our health.